Timeless Luxuries guarantees every item on our site to be 100% authentic.  We offer a full money back guarantee should any item we sold be proven as non-authentic.*

Here at Timeless Luxuries, we truly value your trust and are proud to sell only authentic merchandise.  Every item goes through careful inspection and authenticity verification process by expert authenticators.  All aspects including overall workmanship, authenticity markings, stamping, quality of material, stitching, hardware, logo, serial number/ date code where applicable are inspected to ensure consistency with the particular designer's standards of quality and in accordance with year of production.  We will never offer an item for sale if there was even the slightest doubt in regards to its legitimacy.  Please be rest assured that you will only ever find authentic designer merchandise here, nothing else.

* We take authenticity matters very seriously, therefore please note that we are unable to accept authenticity claims based on one's personal judgment or verbal opinion which is difficult to validate.  Any authenticity claim must be supported by detailed documentation in writing by an authorized dealer (if applicable), or a non-biased and reputable third party professional authenticator with knowledge and experience required to authenticate the particular brand (for example - for HERMES.).